Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sustainability in bio-fuels and in the mining industry

Two articles (not specific to Latin America), but that evidence new trends that I have found to be very interesting: one on the real contribution of bio-fuels analyzing this source of energy in terms of sustainability and the other about increasing relationship between investments in infrastructure and the exploitation of natural resources in developing countries.

Gastón Bilder

Biofuels: Keeping Good Intentions on the Right Path
--------------------------------------------------, 27 June 2007 - With the biofuels industry growing by leaps and bounds worldwide, controversy is erupting over whether this important new energy source is truly as sustainable as it claims to be.

Routes for resources
Africa Investor, 26 June 2007 - Since most easy-to-get minerals have been taken from the ground, mines are developing in ever-more remote areas. Increasingly, mineral deposits are found far from water and power supplies, roads and railway lines. In the future, remote projects will be the norm.

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