Thursday, September 03, 2009

New publications about EITI Reporting

Two reports have recently been published on how EITI reporting can be improved. The World Bank has issued “Toward strengthened EITI Reporting – summary report and recommendations”, following on from two roundtable consultations in May 2009 on EITI reporting processes. One conclusion from the report is that concrete steps can be taken to improve EITI reporting, and it outlines several recommendations for the EITI.

Sefton Darby has authored “The case for Company-by-Company Reporting of Data in the EITI” for the Revenue Watch Institute. It discusses whether the EITI Report should disclose the figures on a disaggregated, company-by-company basis or in an aggregated form, without company-specific figures. The report makes the case that disaggregated reporting can provide clear benefits for the EITI stakeholders, and highlights several countries that have already produced disaggregated reports.

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