Saturday, April 25, 2009

Emerging Markets, Emerging Models

"Emerging Markets, Emerging Models,” from Monitor Group analizes the actual behaviors, economics, and business models of successful “market-based solutions”--financially-sustainable enterprises that address challenges of global poverty. Compiled in an effort to use fact-based research, Monitor’s findings highlight actual data from global working models.

The report provides strong evidence that engaging the poor as customers and suppliers presents an exciting--and significant--opportunity to establish new paradigms to bring genuine social change in economically sustainable ways. During the course of its research, Monitor conducted more than 35 field investigations, primarily in India and supplemented with research covering 19 countries across the world, but focused the research on India, which offers an advanced laboratory of social enterprise approaches and proved to be an especially fertile source on model effectiveness. Conclusions were based on more than 600 in-person interviews with low-income customers and small suppliers, and detailed interviews with--and research on--over 270 social enterprises in India.

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