Friday, September 28, 2007

"Sustainopreneurship" - Business with a Cause

A new word that may get it into the dictionary. It combines my view that Social Responsability Initiatives should be sustainable and if possible focused on entrepreneurship.

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  1. Hi, and thanks for the concept spreading :) !

    From word /spelled/ to concept /understood and applied/. You are helping me getting it out, thanks!

    With your view one liner, I would like to add to your view, that sustainability view integrates social and ecological dimensions in the "responsibility" aspect, and in "the process" - but this is secondary and self-evident regards sustainability entrepreneurship. The primary is that it uses a business setup and organizing as a means to solve a sustainability-related problem, may it be absolute poverty, climate change, lack of access of fresh water or food security, or other health issues like HIV/AIDS etc etc etc. You know the agenda, right?

    Innovative solutions, with primary customers (those paying for the offering), secondary customers (those contributing directly to the delivery of the offering) or tertiary customers (those contributing indirectly to the have the delivery of the offering). And taken out with creative organizing - in short innovative both in what is delivered and how it is delivered.

    In short - entrepreneurship and innovation for sustainability.

    See for references, mainly produced by me.


    PS. Welcome to the conversation :). DS.