Friday, August 10, 2007

The Nature of Energy

The latest issue of the World Conservation Union’s magazine World Conservation looks at energy and its role in sustainable development. How can we achieve energy sustainability, providing energy for the millions of people who still lack access to it, while minimizing environmental impacts and protecting biodiversity?

We cover the energy chain from producers to consumers and look at both high tech and low tech solutions to our energy challenges. An Australian senator explains why her country is struggling to break its addiction to fossil fuels, and a Harvard professor from Kenya describes how energy technology can go a long way in achieving sustainability in Africa. The issue covers some of the innovative measures the private sector is taking on energy efficiency and looks at what’s needed to boost renewable energy.

World Conservation discusses environmental issues from a wide range of perspectives in an informative and engaging way. Read the magazine online or download the complete issue at You can order your free printed copy by writing to giving your name and full address.

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